Supplement that focuses on where hydrogen goes inside the body
Suiso Olea 10

Hydrogen supplement that increases the “energy factory” where hydrogen is generated.
The hydrogen supported coral calcium has 10 different kinds of ingredients
that effectively work, including oleanolic acid, an active constituent of olive leaf extract powder,
and cynaropicrin, an active constituent of artichoke leaf extract powder,
which protects your skin from ultra-violet rays every day.

Introduction of hydrogen


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Hydrogen supported coral calcium, artichoke leaf extract powder (artichoke leaf extract, dextrin)*1, olive leaf extract powder (olive leaf extract, maltodextrin)*2, /HPMC crystalline cellulose, niacin, calcium pantothenate, fine-grain silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, Vitamins B6, B1, B2
*1 Artichoke is a composite plant.
*2 Olive is an Oleaceae plant
Content amount
57.3 g (1.91 g, 5 capsules in a package×30 packages)
Recommended intake
1 package (5 capsule) a day/ 30 days

Special price for membership・・・・・・・
17,280 yen (incl. tax)
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Effects of key ingredients

Organic olive leaves from France

Active constituent of olive leavesThe flower language of olive is “peace,” “ease,” “wisdom” and “victory” and it is widely grown in the Mediterranean in Spain and Italy. Olive leaves contain oleanolic
acid, an active constituent of olive leaves and Suiso Olea 10 contains a high amount of oleanolic acid effectively extracted using our special method.

Support and maintain the flow of body fluidsOleuropein, one of the constituents of olives, maintains vessels flexible and supple inside the body which prevents arteries from hardening. It conveys hydrogen throughout the body by supporting and maintaining the flow of body fluids.

Artichoke leaves from France

What is artichoke?Artichoke is native to the Mediterranean and has been
widely known to people in western and European counties as an edible vegetable, and is called Korean thistle in Japan. Also, artichoke tea is known as a herbal tea taken after drinking alcohol, eating too much or having oily food, although it is a little bitter and hard to drink. Artichoke leaves contain a constituent called cynaropicrin, which has been found to be beneficial, especially for women who are concerned about their beauty.
Reliable effects to maintain beautiful skinOur skin is exposed to stress from ultraviolet rays all the time. Continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays makes your defense system go out of control and your skin thicker, develops blemishes and wrinkles, and causes collagen degradation. A study revealed that cynaropicrin, an active constituent of artichoke leaves, stops the system from getting out of control and helps keep your skin beautiful.