Regular supplement that allows you to take a significant portion of pure hydrogen
Suiso Pure Gold

A pure hydrogen supplement, which contains an abundant amount of hydrogen
supported coral calcium uniquely developed by ACCHE.
Hydrogen is generated when the hydrogen supported coral calcium is in contact with water.
It has been a long selling, most popular supplement since its release.

Introduction of hydrogen

Material name
Hydrogen supported coral calcium/ HPMC
Content amount
57.6 g (480 mg×120 capsules)
Recommended intake
4 capsules a day/ 30 days
Special price for membership・・・・・・・
16,200 yen (incl. tax)
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The story of coral

Coral powder from Okinawa

The coral powder that is an ingredient in the supplements is
extracted from particles of coral left with only the skeleton due to weathering by Okinawa ocean.
Since the amount of coral ACCHE used is only less than 1% of naturally weathered coral, it is free from environmental destruction.

Safe and secure food

Coral powder contains various minerals. The tolerable upper intake level of calcium for adults a day is 2.5 g. *and the amount of calcium contained in ACCHE’s products does not exceed it. Follow the recommended intake provided and enjoy our products.
*(Source: Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (for calcium) 2015 issued by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)