Take hydrogen quickly and easily
Suiso Pure Next

An affordable product line of pure hydrogen supplement “Suiso Pure Gold,”
which contains an abundant amount of hydrogen supported coral calcium uniquely developed by ACCHE,
and where we actively sought to maximize the power of hydrogen.
It is recommended for those who wish to try hydrogen supplement quickly and easily.

Introduction of hydrogen

Material name
Hydrogen supported coral calcium/ HPMC
Content amount
32.94 g (366 mg×90 capsules)
Recommended intake
3 capsules a day/30 days
Special price for membership・・・・・・・
8,640 yen (incl. tax)
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Piece of trivia of hydrogen

Why is a hydrogen supplement good?

The effectiveness of hydrogen has been a focus of the health and beauty industries, and there are various growing needs for hydrogen products.
However, it is difficult to deliver hydrogen into the body.
From this perspective, supplement type products have an advantage.
One of the features is you can effectively deliver hydrogen to the body by using hydrogen supported coral powder.
The effect lasts a long time because it generates hydrogen inside the body. This portability and easy availability anytime are appealing.