You can effectively take hydrogen +α. An attractive hydrogen supplement
Suiso Z Rich

It contains hydrogen supported coral calcium and zeolite,
as well as 10 different types of ingredients including vitamins in the B group,
long pepper extract powder and brown rice flour which helps the hydrogen function.
A hydrogen supplement for easy access to various materials that support your active daily life.

Introduction of hydrogen

Hydrogen supported coral calcium, brown rice flour, reduced maltose starch syrup powder, long pepper extract powder (dextrin, long pepper extract) / crystalline cellulose, HPC, calcium stearate, niacin, zeolite, calcium pantothenate, Vitamins B6, B2, and B1, folic acid, Vitamin B12
Content amount
63 g (350 mg×180 tablets)
Recommended intake
6 tablets a day/ 30 days
Special price for membership・・・・・・・
16,200 yen (incl. tax)
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Key ingredients

B group vitamins

Specially processed high-quality
B group vitamins
They support the function of hydrogen.

Long pepper extract powder

Piperaceous plant
It supports the conveying of
hydrogen throughout the body.

Brown rice flour

Brown rice flour made in domestic organic farming.
It contains an abundant amount of fiber and other nutrition.