Aiming to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in September 2015 at the United Nations
Sustainable Development Summit. Based on the idea to "leave no one behind" on this planet, the SDGs
set 169 targets categorized into 17 goals to solve important global issues by 2030.
In accordance with our unchanged founding passion that “hydrogen helps us” and our strong belief that
“hydrogen is helpful for everyone,”Acche Corporation is contributing to the creation of a sustainable society
by proactively solving problems in our world through our proprietary hydrogen technology,

1. Through our focus on R&D, raw materials, and manufacturing processes, Acche's proprietary hydrogen supplements help everyone lead healthier lifestyles.

  • To produce more hydrogen and more evidence, we conduct research and development with national
    universities on synthetic hydrogen powder. We have acquired two patents for hydrogen powder.
    *Process patent: patent number 6244051; materials and usage patent: patent number 6337192
  • The use of coral skeleton material left over after weathering reduces the environmental impact of
    producing raw coral powder. We only extract the material from coral particles and chunks from coral
    skeletons washed away by the waves in the beautiful seas around Okinawa.
  • Our advanced production facilities in Japan, which fulfill GMP standards for health foods, conduct visual
    quality checks and practice thorough traceability, from when materials arrive to after products ship.
  • Our efforts to make company operations greener include using lighter and simpler packaging materials
    and putting promotional tools on the internet.

2. Our Five Freedoms are at the heart of how we offer all our partner members an enriched, fair working lifestyle as entrepreneurs.

  • We run compliance seminars to raise awareness about compliance with laws and regulations.
  • The Five Freedoms are the basis for how we recommend entrepreneurs approach their work.
    1. 1. Freedom to choose your working hours
    2. 2. Freedom to choose how much you work
    3. 3. Freedom to choose who you work with
    4. 4. Freedom to pass on your business
    5. 5. Freedom to do the work you like

3. We offer employees a reassuring work environment and encourage sound business activities.

  • Our robust in-house support system solves the issues that come up in different life stages, including
    child-rearing, nursing care, and health problems.
  • Our hiring practices are free of gender discrimination.
  • To maintain open communication, we hold weekly meetings with all employees.
  • In our constant effort to create a healthy and meaningful workplace, we adapt to changes in society by
    changing working lifestyles or work arrangements.
  • To raise awareness about compliance with laws and regulations, we hold seminars with legal advisors
    and our customers.